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Why Choose Us?
Simple To Apply
We've seen the stacks of paper that some banks require you to fill out when applying for a loan. We don't require anything onerous like a net worth estimation or a monthly budget. All we require is what you see on the application form.

Poor Credit Accepted
Nobody means to get bad credit and we don't hold it against you for the most part. If there have been a few slip ups along the way you'll still be able to qualify for one of our loans.

Fast Response
You've got important things to do today. It's unlikely that one of them is sitting at your desk waiting for a response. That's why we will try to get you a yes or no inside 15 minutes so you can move on with your day.
Necessary Info
Online Banking
To get one of our loans you will need to be enrolled in your bank's online banking system. This is because we use that system to determine a number of things, including your employment status, financial health and bank account information. Without a reliable means of confirming your bank account information your funds could be seriously delayed and we don't want that.

Credit Report
We are going to pull a credit report. No, bad credit is not a problem in general terms. We do want to corroborate your identity with an outside source, however. Also, if you have a habit of not paying back other payday lenders then odds are we aren't going to want to be next on that list.

Pay Schedule
The other thing that we simply can't lend without is your pay schedule. This way we can schedule your ACH repayment to fall on the day you are paid, maximizing the chance that you will repay successfully and that you won't be charged an NSF fee which is an outcome we can both be happy with.

When They Are Right

Some examples of situations that call for a payday loan are:

  • Pet needs to see the vet
  • Power bill is overdue
  • Car is broken down and you can't get to work
  • You need to go to a wedding or funeral
  • Buying groceries

Small Sums

It's easy to get in over your head if you borrow too much. The State of Michigan has limited loans to $600 which is one means of mitigating that sort of risk, but it does little when someone who earns $600/paycheck gets a loan for $600. They are basically guaranteeing that they will be in a debt spiral from that point on.

This is why we have voluntarily limited our maximum loan to be 50% of a person's net income. This leaves at least 35% of the paycheck to be used for getting by to the next paycheck without needing an additional loan.

We Lend Across Michigan
Major Cities
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